Nemo 33

Brussels weekend in December - see our Facebook page for the next event

End of Year / New Season Dive

Stoney Cove - end of December / beginning of January

9:00am to 12:00pm

Lunch at The Mill on the Soar afterwards

A fun dive in chilly water - a dry suit is an absolute must, followed by lunch at The Mill on the Soar

Y40 and Venice - Example trip - see our Facebook page for the next trip

We are organising a trip to Y40 – a 41 metre deep pool located about 40 miles from Venice, Italy. 

This is a great social weekend to one of the world’s most beautiful locations with some diving.  It’s a great trip for non-diving partners and divers alike.  

Y40 was until recently the world’s deepest indoor pool (there is now a deeper one in Poland – but it’s not Venice 😉).  The pool is filled with heated thermal spring water to a balmy 32-34 degs C.  There are snacks and a café on site, as well as viewing into the pool area.  The pool itself has a 10 metre section with artificial caves, tunnels and pipes for divers to explore.

Outline itinerary